Patricia Arboleda is a successful Global Channel Executive, culturally diverse, with over 25 years of general management, sales, and marketing experience. She has been recognized in the industry for leading sales teams and designing worldwide channels and go-to-market strategies to accelerate business growth for her company and the channel ecosystem.

Throughout her career, she has built a reputation of being a high performance leader, excellent listener, with the ability to see things from other people’s perspectives. She is highly resilient, with a relentless drive to upgrade her teams, using every encounter as an opportunity to coach them and build their self-confidence. Patricia is a great communicator, with excellent interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, attributes that have helped her succeed in her own authentic leadership style.

“Patricia’s passion to work with all cultures in business is essential to executives globally. Her experiences will enhance NextVision’s mission to provide sales excellence to all industries. We are excited to share her knowledge with our existing and future clients.”

-Walter Santiago, CEO and Founder

After more than two decades with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, she decided to make a bold move, change careers, and follow her purpose to help women leaders rise and thrive. As an Executive, Leadership and Career Coach, she helps executive women advance careers, overcome their most common and important leadership challenges, and take control over their career doing what they love. 

Patricia’s coaching programs and workshops, are designed to build confidence, get clarity and break the barriers and habits that hold women back from being the inspiring leaders they want to be. Participants recognize and develop their strengths, improve their individual, team, and organizational performance and develop the skills to set themselves apart from the crowd.

NVSI looks forward to utilizing Patricia’s experience and knowledge in international sales and marketing and general management to help us empower executives globally get to the next level in their careers. For more information visit NVSI Board of Advisors.

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