Cause Marketing: The Intersection of Business and Philanthropy

As millennials increase their influence and purchasing power, businesses large and small are looking for effective ways to attract their interest, their dollars, and their advocacy. One of the best ways to cultivate loyalty among younger consumers is with cause marketing. Cause marketing refers to a business’s support of an initiative, a nonprofit organization, or […]

How’s Your Presence on Social Media?

Social media is an important reality for any SME or start-up in today’s marketplace. Social media can help raise Google search rankings, enhance communication and engagement with customers, and boost customer retention, brand awareness, and sales. But how should you begin? Which platforms should you use? What should you post? Target Audience First, consider your […]

How to Put Excitement into Your Presentations

If you want to really impress, convince, convert an audience, or build some structure and excitement into your presentations. Here’s how: Tell a Story Organize your facts into a story. Stories are more interesting and memorable than facts are. When presenting to clients, tell a story that demonstrates the impact of your product/service or take […]

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