How to Be the Authentic Brand of “You” – Personal Branding

The Power of Personal Branding

Apple, Nike, Coca Cola, and McDonalds: They’re all brands you know and trust to deliver on their promise of value. But to your customers, you are a brand, with the same responsibility to deliver on your promises, and the job of promoting the brand of “you.”

Consider yourself the marketing director of your own personal brand.


Start by noting the qualities, skills, and characteristics that set you apart from your competitors. What special knowledge, skills, or strengths do you possess?

For instance: Can you anticipate and deal with problems before they become disasters? Do you deliver work on time every time? Are you renowned for your attention to detail? Do you deliver a better product than your competitors? Or is your customer service unparalleled?

Once you put your mind to it, you’ll spot your strengths. But don’t just take your own word for it. Ask customers and staff.

What sets you apart?

In establishing and building the brand of you, you must focus tirelessly on what you do that sets you apart and creates real measurable value.

Remember also that while substance is important, style matters too. Everything from the way you answer the phone to your email etiquette is part of the message you’re sending about your brand.

The brand of you is not a logo or a tagline

Your personal brand stems from your fundamental values, your passion, and your capabilities. When marketing your personal brand, be your authentic self. And not even those big guys will be able to match you.

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