How to Put Excitement into Your Presentations

If you want to really impress, convince, convert an audience, or build some structure and excitement into your presentations. Here’s how:

Tell a Story

Organize your facts into a story. Stories are more interesting and memorable than facts are. When presenting to clients, tell a story that demonstrates the impact of your product/service or take them through the experience of a customer who dealt with a problem that your product or service solves.

Ask Questions

Ask questions at crucial moments. Asking a question helps mark what you’re saying as important. Moreover, a question turns the presentation into an interactive experience. Answering a question (even silently) makes people feel involved.

The Power of Three

Use the power of three. Something about the number three helps people take in and retain information. Organize your presentation into three main points and emphasize three essential takeaways.

Laugh a Little

Humor helps put folks at ease and opens them up to the ideas you’re offering. You don’t have to crack jokes, but try to be cheerful, lighthearted, and personable.

Use Persuasive Visual Elements

Use visuals for persuasion, not distraction. Develop a PowerPoint that complements your presentation and highlights the key concepts and ideas. Rather than bulleted lists, use quotes, images, videos, and other visual elements that support and enhance what you have to say.

Use Minimal Text

Never read from your slides. Reading from a slide that everyone can see is disrespectful to the audience and makes you look like an amateur. Keep the text on your slides to a minimum, using it only to highlight crucial points or transition to a new topic.

Use Graphs, Charts, Emojis, and Images

Use visuals to ground abstract ideas. Graphs, charts, emojis, and other images help make an argument concrete and memorable. If your solution can cut costs or boost ROI by 10%, show what that looks like on a chart. Graphics, emojis, and even gifs, where appropriate, add innovation and sparkle to a presentation.

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