Blue Mantis Selects NVSI to Build Sales Academy

Industry leader in building measurable and scalable enablement programs to help Blue Mantis focus heavily on enablement and onboarding with its 2024 growth plans 

COLONIA, NJ – December 19, 2023 – Industry-leading organizational enablement provider NVSI has announced that leading national managed services provider Blue Mantis has selected NVSI to build its sales academy. In 2024, Blue Mantis is focusing on building the infrastructure to best support its growth initiatives. NVSI will build the academy to enable the Blue Mantis sales organization to best position its organizational expertise in three key practice areas: cybersecurity, digital network, and next-generation cloud services.

What the Teams Are Saying

 “We’re enthusiastic about this incredible opportunity to partner with a powerhouse like Blue Mantis. Our initial conversations have provided us with a clear roadmap for what Blue Mantis wants to accomplish and we’re ready to go,” said NVSI Founder and CEO Walter Santiago. “One of our key challenges has been consistency in messaging. We have an incredible value proposition and ensuring that every seller at Blue Mantis can clearly position this is critical to our success,” said Mario Brum, VP of Practice Areas and Technical Advisory Services.

Brum expressed confidence in selecting NVSI as a partner that aligns with Blue Mantis’ goals and culture: “Having worked with NVSI in the past, I know that they are incredibly capable of getting us where we need to be. Personally, this was always about the CEO in Walter. I think of Walter as a great mentor, and he was and is always the first choice.”

NVSI and Blue Mantis will work together to build a scalable, dynamic sales academy that will deliver consistency across the organization. “This was always about the people at NVSI,” Brum noted. “While NVSI can deliver knowledge, infrastructure, and processes, being a culture fit matters,” said Craig Randall, Director of Enablement Services and Partner at NVSI. “We’re beyond honored to be able to work with the team at Blue Mantis. It’s clear they understand the long-term value of investing in their people.”

Terry Richardson Chimes In

Terry Richardson, CRO at Blue Mantis, offered this perspective: “Enabling our team is critical to our goals to not only grow, but to best service our current and future customers. As I noted when I joined Blue Mantis, ‘If you’re not familiar with Blue Mantis and you need some assistance on your hybrid cloud journey, cybersecurity or with any kind of Hybrid IT modernization project, please give us an opportunity to show you what makes us different.’ The program that NVSI will help us build is a giant leap in realizing the vision of Blue Mantis University and a huge step in enabling our sales team to continue to be relevant for our current and future customers. It is an exciting time to be in technology.”

About Blue Mantis

Blue Mantis is a leading strategic digital technology services provider with a 30+ year history of successfully helping clients achieve business modernization by applying next-generation technologies including managed services, cybersecurity, and cloud. Headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the company provides digital technology services and strategic guidance to ensure clients quickly adapt and grow through automation and innovation. Blue Mantis partners with more than 1,200 leading mid-market and enterprise organizations in a multitude of vertical industries and is backed by leading private equity firm, Abry Partners.

About NVSI

NVSI is a leading sales, marketing, and organizational infrastructure consultancy focusing on several key vertical markets. With more than thirty years of experience, NVSI works with companies of all sizes, from startups to the Fortune 200, and builds world-class methodologies and processes designed to help organizations reach their desired objectives. NVSI was founded on the principles of putting customer needs first, trust and integrity, and enabling excellence.

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