The Willingness to Adapt

Finding Help

Engaging a third-party consultant shows the willingness to adapt. This willingness highlights an important reality: Sometimes we don’t have all the answers and need a different perspective. This adaptation may be due to changes in the marketplace, the introduction of disruptive technology (like AI), or the evolution of your workforce. Whether it’s a new viewpoint, filling skill gaps, or simply a second set of eyes on your business that is willing to view it critically, an objective perspective can mean the difference between continuing to spin your wheels or getting out of the rut.

Theory vs. Theorist

In her book Striving Zones: How People Act When Free to be Themselves, author Kathy Kolbe describes her work thus:

“I am the Theorist. Not the Theory. As the Theorist, I’ve considered it my job to figure out the basic tenets of the Theory of Conation, articulate them, create provable axioms based upon them…and use them in practical applications.” She continues, “This is a living Theory, and I am a living Theorist, so as much as I would like to feel that I can totally focus on the application part of my work…I will always respect the Theory’s power to correct me.”

Kolbe’s life work has been to help individuals understand the power of striving instincts. She’s been at it for decades to great effect. One of the powerful takeaways from Kolbe’s words here, though, is that in order to best understand what is required to get things right, individuals need to be flexible and allow established or accepted practices (theories, etc.) to “hit (us) over the head, or legs, or wherever it will stop us in (our) tracks.”

Defining Your Willingness

That willingness to take a step back, even after an accepted practice may have knee-capped us and realize that a new perspective based on updated data is needed, creates an environment where real, meaningful learning, change, and/or understanding can take place. The beautiful thing about this mentality is that anyone can do it. Regardless of our strengths or weaknesses, when we are willing to look at challenges objectively, we can entertain these new perspectives and have the ability to potentially effect lasting, positive change.

What Do You Need?

We work with companies of all sizes converting their willingness into actual adaptation. Does your sales infrastructure need a refresh? Also, when you look at your sales team, are they all working off the same methodology? Are you looking to augment your sales team and don’t have a process in place? Do your marketing resources properly align with and support your sales motion? Have you defined and implemented core values to direct your corporate actions? These are just a few of the things we specialize in. We can help.

If you have that willingness to adapt, let’s talk.

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