Are You Using the Vocabulary of Success?

When it comes to opening doors, closing sales, and clinching negotiations, certain words and expressions are significantly more effective than others. Top executives and sales professionals choose their words and phrases carefully to overcome resistance and persuade listeners.

Short answers to simple questions

For example, it’s well known that people like hearing their own names. Influencers also understand that people don’t like getting long answers to simple questions. Long answers evoke uncertainty and suggest that the speaker is hedging or fibbing.

Utilizing the right phrases

On the other hand, phrases like definitely, certainly, or we can do that sound authoritative and trustworthy. Imagine is another effective word that prompts listeners to conceptualize a good opportunity or a positive outcome. Certain rhetorical questions have also been shown to help advance a discussion or sales process toward conclusion.

These include the questions “Does that make sense?” and “Is that fair?”

Utilizing the right terms

On the other hand, data analysis indicates that certain expressions turn people off. Absolutely and perfect are overused terms that impair a speaker’s credibility. However is a waffler’s word. Listeners lose confidence and interest when they hear it. Payment: No one likes to pay; say amount instead. The term contract has negative connotations for many people. Substitute a more neutral word, like agreement. Implement and implementation suggest things are going to get complicated. Just say begin or get started.


Ultimately, using simple, clear, and effective words and phrases—and avoiding bombast—is the best way to convince people of your position or the virtues of your products and services.

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