Your Earnings Will Always Be in Line With Your Mindset

Still small? Start thinking big!

The idea’s not original, Google it and you get more than 7 million results, but that doesn’t mean it can’t change your business … and your life.

As Anne Bachrach noted in a recent LinkedIn post, “Whether or not you realize it, your earnings will always be in line with your mindset.”

It makes sense; when you can’t look beyond your role as a “small-business owner,” you’ll miss opportunities to grow. And you’ll be so busy with daily operations you won’t have time for “blue-sky thinking” about the important things, such as your brand and your customers.

In an article in Urbanicity

Hamilton, Ontario-based retailer Lauren Ricottone explained her “aha” moment: “I functioned in a ‘small’ business mindset for a long time, and it crippled my capacity and my ability to experience real growth.”

She felt like many entrepreneurs do: “I don’t need to bother with that – we’re still too small.”

Ricottone, however, was familiar with the systems and practices of big business. She knew they had value in the corporate environment, but didn’t see them applying to her own small business.

But she took a risk: “Running a business is a massive load of work. Either we carry it around, or our systems carry it on our behalf.”

Ricottone implemented systems

For inventory control, tracking sales, accounting, and more. “My new growth strategy? Functioning as if my small business was already a big business.” It worked; Ricottone’s small business is flourishing.

Comments Bachrach, “You will certainly not get what you deserve when you think small. … Thinking big is about realizing your potential and getting what you deserve instead of limiting yourself.”

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