Communicate Effectively With Words: They’re Back in Style

We’ve always thought our words were so much less important than our body language in communicating with others. That’s thanks to a 1967 study that concluded that only 7 percent of what a listener picks up comes from words. Thirty-eight percent comes from our tone and a whopping 55 percent from body language.

Now, some are spotting flaws in this paradigm. A host of recent researchers are studying, scanning, and sorting our brains in an effort to establish how we communicate, and how we sell ourselves.

Many of the researchers still search beyond words. But to some, words tell it like it is.

Self-help maven Tony Robbins noted in a blog: “The words you habitually choose also affect what you experience … you can take control of your habitual vocabulary to change the quality of your life … how you think, feel, and how you live.”

Wealth Savant, which provides financial and wealth content online, published an article titled “Choose Your Words and Control Your Destiny.” To sum it up: Don’t use the wrong words, because negative words create a negative response.

And vice-versa. So avoid words like “however” and “unfortunately,” because no matter what follows, the listener receives a negative message. Even worse, neuroscientists now tell us, negative words have a harmful effect on the speaker’s brain.

Copyblogger author Gregory Ciotti lists the five most persuasive words in the English language: “you,” “because,” “free,” “instantly,” and “new.”

“You” can use these “freely” “because” “new” listeners “instantly” like them—creating “positivity.”

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