Ready. Set. Go.

Hiring and retaining top talent is one of the greatest challenges facing sales organizations today. NVSI's Ready. Set. Go. program helps build your sales infrastructure in a cost-effective, consistent, scalable manner. Watch the video below for more:

Source and build a stable of excellent A-player candidates. Execute a process where your organizational goals are clearly stated and your top candidates are aligned to those goals, then offer them positions where they are challenged and rewarded appropriately.


Prepare your new hires with the tools quickly find success in their new roles. Orient your new employees with consistent, proven processes. Invest the time needed to define what success in the role looks like and how they can achieve it.


Train your new hires consistently and thoroughly. Invest in your team and provide them with the tools and skills necessary to grow in their role. Support them in their roles with sound management processes and practices. Build accountability and inspire them to continue to achieve.


Continually define roles, responsibilities, and the best way forward. If the industry changes, evolve. Ensure that your employees always have a clear map guiding them and that they know where needed resources are.


Mentor your team with consistency. Share best practices, processes, and collaborate consistently. Lead your team with conviction. Empower them with the ability to confidently make decisions because they trust the process.


Results not there? Make a plan to clearly stake out milestones for your employee. What do they need to do to get back on track? If they are not performing despite your best efforts, release them to find another position better suited to their strengths.


Continually adapt and build your process to help your team grow and succeed.

Are you Ready?