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NextVision Sales Institute helping organizations of all sizes manage their company’s culture in today’s reality.

About NVSI

NextVision Sales Institute was founded in 2001 to help organizations of all sizes reach their maximum level of profitability by leveraging our people, experience, and proven methodologies. NVSI is led by a dynamic team with over 60 years of combined experience developing sales infrastructures and curriculums, and are eager to share their knowledge, experience, and methodology with you to determine your next vision.

How We Can Help You

Explore Our Social Media Services

Let NVSI help you use social media to social distance and stay connected with your clients

Build Your Brand

The NVSI Build Your Brand package is a great offering for companies of all sizes that are in need of a social media online presence.

Grow Your Brand

The NVSI Grow Your Brand package is for companies of all sizes that are looking to grow and expand their online presence.

Accelerate Your Brand

The NVSI Accelerate Your Brand package is for companies of all sizes that are looking to make an aggressive impact on their online presence.

Our Founder & CEO

Walter Santiago, Founder & CEO

For over 30 years, Walter has managed consulting projects with clients of all sizes and industries including national and international sales, sales infrastructure and business development. His skills and energetic personality help clients develop profitable and scalable sales infrastructure.

What our clients say

This is the best sales training I have ever received!!! I have been in sales for 10 years thus far. Thank You!
Sales Manager
Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions
“Great workshop! I will definitely recommend it to my peers. Having no experience with virtualization prior to this workshop, I truly feel that I am more prepared than I would have been learning on my own. I am extremely excited by the opportunity I have been presented.
Territory Manager
Trilogy Solutions

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