What we Offer

NextVision Sales Institute (NVSI) provides comprehensive programs designed to address the major challenges facing sales organizations, sales managers and sales professionals today. Leveraging NVSI’s long-standing expertise in the sales and marketing environment, NVSI provides a broad range of processes, methodologies and tools designed to help you get the most out of your sales motion. Coupled with a methodology-driven curriculum, NVSI supplies powerful tools to assist in the retention and execution at the sales professional level as well as accountability at the management and ownership level.

Just as sales organizations seek to provide solutions with compelling return-on-investment potential, NVSI delivers programs that take a multifaceted approach seeking to provide best practices and then reinforce them with compelling resources.

NVSI’s programs empower you to get to the right people, at the right time and to attain the proper information to shorten the sales cycle.

What We Offer

Executive Consulting Services

Build or Refresh Sales Infrastructure  

Define Roles and Responsibilities

Define and Modify Compensation Plans

Identify and Recruit Sales Executives

Align Sales and Marketing Strategy

Channel Sales Strategy (Direct and Indirect)

Sales Enablement

Inside Sales

Territory Managers 

Account Executives

Sales Managers

VP of Sales

Sales Engineers

Partner Business Managers

Sales Directors

Marketing Executives

Coaching & Mentoring

Virtual Sales Manager

Virtual Sales Executive

Help Desk

Continuing Education Webinars

On-site Reviews


Enablement Tools

Sales Tool Kit

Quarterly Business Agenda

Joint Business Plan

Account Plan

Global Account Plan

Sales and Marketing Plan

Demand Generation

Forecasting Milestones

Qualifying Criteria

Recruiting, Onboarding, Development

Infrastructure Workbook

Compensation Planner


Self-Development Programs

Language Is Expression

What’s in Your Toolbox?

Positive Communication Practices

The Power of Small Groups

Finding Inner Peace Within Yourself


Sales Enablement Curriculum

Psychology of Consultative Selling (PCS)

This program is a comprehensive sales course specifically designed to strengthen the skills of professionals of all levels and help them leverage our proven consultative sales methodology to move sales more efficiently through the sales cycle.

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Account Planning: Creating an Annuity

This program provides the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to plan effectively for increased business and additional penetration into existing accounts.

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Transform to Solution Selling

This program provides sales professionals at all levels the skills required to advance from product transacting to solution selling within ongoing support and account management.

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Global Business Planning (GBP): Working Your Plan

This program is designed to help sales professionals identify key areas of revenue generation and the skills to manage them through collaboration with all sales resources, turning well-designed business plans into business plans with great results.

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Collaborative Business Planning (CBP)

This program is designed to empower channel managers to jointly develop and execute compelling and measurable business plans with partners to grow channel revenue and enhance channel partner relationships.

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CEO Sales Infrastructure: Leadership Workshop

This workshop is designed to create a stronger, more effective sales infrastructure, resulting in an agile company ready to adjust to changing market conditions.

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Life Cycle of a Sales Rep (LSR)

This program is designed to help management assess, measure, and manage the effectiveness of an on-boarding process by providing a consistent process and tools necessary for training and retaining top talent.

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Consultative Sales for Solution Engineers

This program is designed to train solution engineers to assist in the sales effort through proper sales and client engagement methodologies, improving relationships with existing clients and increasing sales.

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The Path to the CISO

This program informs sales representatives of how to earn the attention of a CISO by speaking to their biggest challenges and needs.

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Business Profiling

This course teaches sales representatives how to identify the right target businesses and decision makers within, and leverage current trends and challenges to influence decision makers and build long-term relationships.

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Building a Financial Case for Your Offering

This course is designed for sales professionals at all levels to help them harness the power of financial information in a variety of business applications and open doors to financial decision-makers.

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Messaging That Generates Demand

This course teaches sales representatives how to leverage your organization’s value proposition to develop their individual elevator pitch to begin the sales conversation.

 Course Overview >

Demand Generation with Cold Calling

This course provides strategies for increasing cold calling effectiveness, helping sales professionals effectively communicate their values and uncover business opportunities.

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Integrated Sales & Marketing for Sales Professionals

This course provides participants with a foundation of how to adapt to today’s customers and their buying processes by aligning sales with online marketing planning processes, strategies, and tactics that will improve their sales efforts.

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Event Based Forecasting for Success

This course teaches a consistent, event-based forecasting process designed to help sales professionals understand what needs to happen to move opportunities through each stage of the sales cycle and enhance their abilities to follow through.

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Language is Expression

What messages are you really conveying when in conversation with others? It is not what you say, but how it is said. You want to get attract, build, and maintain lasting relationships. This transpires through the language you are using in addition to your “tonality.”

What's in Your Toolbox?

What is separating you from communicating effectively with ____? Exploring the many “hidden” communication devices (toolbox), that one has, but is not consciously aware that they exist.

Healthy Relationships through Positive Communication Practices

This workshop consists of several “listening” exercises including role- playing and feedback sharing.

The Power of Small Groups

Exploring the effectiveness of small group settings and good team leadership. We discuss the many challenges a group encounters from the Forming Stage to the Adjourning Stage.

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"This is the best sales training I have ever received!!! I have been in sales for 10 years thus far. Thank You!"
Sales Manager
Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions
“Great workshop! I will definitely recommend it to my peers. Having no experience with virtualization prior to this workshop, I truly feel that I am more prepared than I would have been learning on my own. I am extremely excited by the opportunity I have been presented."
Territory Manager
Trilogy Solutions

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