Ready. Set. Go.

Ready. Set. Go.

Ready. Set. Go. Program

Creating Sales Excellence

Years of Experience Simplified!

NVSI’s Ready. Set. Go. program is designed to remove the guesswork and inconsistency associated with the hiring, onboarding, and development of your sales organization. 

RSG is built on a foundation of 50+ years of proficiency in building sales teams across the globe for some of the biggest names in technology.

We start by managing the hiring process from sourcing candidates to securing them. Our proven interviewing process ensures that not only are your new hires a skill fit, but a company culture fit as well. 

From there, we orient and onboard your sales team with consistent and proven sales and forecasting methodologies and processes that have been successful among Fortune 100 technology companies with a global impact. 

NVSI works with you and your sales management to develop, measure, and assess your sales hires.

We provide recommendations for retention and release based not on ambiguous “gut feel,” but on specific KPIs, measurable activities, and consistent coaching and mentoring.

When this process is implemented consistently, it leads to decreased personnel costs, lower turnover, more realistic sales pipelines and forecasting, and increased sales revenue from better close rates.

Are you ready to Ready. Set. Go.?

Empower Your Sales Team

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