Small Business

A Balance Sheet Supports Your Decision Making

In order to be an effective sales professional and provide a solution that helps organizational efficiencies and profitability it is important to first understand the financial landscape of an organization. Some business owners operate under the tragic illusion that recording business transactions is merely an exercise for tax purposes. But business operators with experience know […]

How’s Your Presence on Social Media?

Social media is an important reality for any SME or start-up in today’s marketplace. Social media can help raise Google search rankings, enhance communication and engagement with customers, and boost customer retention, brand awareness, and sales. But how should you begin? Which platforms should you use? What should you post? Target Audience First, consider your […]

How to Put Excitement into Your Presentations

If you want to really impress, convince, convert an audience, or build some structure and excitement into your presentations. Here’s how: Tell a Story Organize your facts into a story. Stories are more interesting and memorable than facts are. When presenting to clients, tell a story that demonstrates the impact of your product/service or take […]

Building the Right Cash Reserve for Your Business

Knowledge and preparation are as constant in the life of a business owner as the daily sunrise. Paramount to this ongoing focus is cash liquidity. Upward trajectory in business requires incoming cash to exceed cash outflow. Keeping the bills paid when cash collections are low is an exercise in perseverance to achieve the ultimate objective […]

Teamwork on the Fly: Learning to Collaborate with Just about Anyone

In today’s world, companies are depending on remote workers, diverse markets, and global interactions to keep business going. Many of us find ourselves frequently teaming with different people, coordinating and collaborating across geographic, disciplinary, linguistic, sectoral, and societal boundaries. Consider that a typical hospitalized patient is seen by some 60 different providers over the course […]

COVID-19 Causing You to Work From Home? Create a Functional and Inspiring Home Office

As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak continues to spread many big companies are asking at least some of their employees to work from home as a precaution. Apple, Google, Chevron, Nestle, Amazon, Ford, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Airbnb and Viacom are just some that have implemented a work from home policy. Whether you occasionally take work home, […]

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