Sales Success

Why Invest in Training

As competitive pressures continue to increase for businesses across verticals and geographies, the need to find that edge grows as well. In a world market that continues to feel the after-effects of a global pandemic, the “Great Resignation,” “Quiet Quitting,” and other labor phenomena, create an employment environment where your employees not only thrive but […]

Give a Man a Fish or Teach a Man to Fish?

Are you delegating or training? A delegator is someone who assigns tasks and allocates responsibilities. A trainer looks for ways to give employees additional responsibility; helps them acquire the skills, confidence, and capabilities to succeed; and supports them as they progress. Managers must do both; but training must happen before and during delegation so employees […]

Communication Styles Can Hamper Business Success

While a difference in communication styles can lead to simple misunderstandings, it can also threaten your relationship with customers and ultimately endanger your business success. Dr. Sherrie Bourg Carter noted in an article for Psychology Today: “…‘communication stress’ can be one of the biggest sources of stress in relationships. After all, we’re all talking the […]

Business Growth: Are Your Projections Realistic?

Business leaders with unrealistic business growth projections are like sprinters in a marathon. They’re in the wrong race because their objective doesn’t correspond with ability. Don’t make the same mistake. To avoid depleting all of your business oxygen, set reasonable goals that you can strategically achieve. An especially common error in growth forecasts is a […]

Are You Using the Start/Stop/Continue Technique?

The Start/Stop/Continue technique is a simple and effective way to get customers to reflect on their experiences with your company and help you identify areas for improvement or expansion going forward. The procedure requires no special equipment, training, or knowledge, and you can easily adapt the technique to gain helpful insights into products, services, methods, […]

A Balance Sheet Supports Your Decision Making

In order to be an effective sales professional and provide a solution that helps organizational efficiencies and profitability it is important to first understand the financial landscape of an organization. Some business owners operate under the tragic illusion that recording business transactions is merely an exercise for tax purposes. But business operators with experience know […]

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