Sales Enablement

Give a Man a Fish or Teach a Man to Fish?

Are you delegating or training? A delegator is someone who assigns tasks and allocates responsibilities. A trainer looks for ways to give employees additional responsibility; helps them acquire the skills, confidence, and capabilities to succeed; and supports them as they progress. Managers must do both; but training must happen before and during delegation so employees […]

Are You Using the Vocabulary of Success?

When it comes to opening doors, closing sales, and clinching negotiations, certain words and expressions are significantly more effective than others. Top executives and sales professionals choose their words and phrases carefully to overcome resistance and persuade listeners. Short answers to simple questions For example, it’s well known that people like hearing their own names. […]

Transform Your Sales Organization from Monotonous to Memorable

Good trainers employ a blend of psychology, creativity, and thorough preparation to deliver truly effective and memorable learning experiences. They earn our engagement. Want to join their ranks? Here are some tips to make your presentations, trainings, and workshops soar. Make the content relevant Do some research or send out a preliminary survey to identify […]

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